Flashed Before Our Eyes!

Well it looks like the Dharmalars Cookies made it into “Flashes Before Your Eyes” and we here at the Lars didn’t even notice. Thanks to Jay for sending me the screencap!!!

15 thoughts on “Flashed Before Our Eyes!

  1. There’s something in that picture besides a girl? 🙂I love how the hands are reaching out to the bikini babe like a Zombie to a fresh source of brains. Charlie’s reaching for the pr0n, “Mmm… b00bs…”


  2. Jay told me that they were boxes of Dharmalars, i will have to review the tape, but that looks like the same boxes.i sent Jorge a message on myspace asking him if he saw any dharmalars boxes on set, to put them in the foreground of any shot. He said he would!i told Jay last night that we were the only Lost Podcast with Product Placement on the show!! yess!!


  3. < HREF="http://a521.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/39/l_d44f3cf5b9b5d19f6f54f76d456a44d8.jpg" REL="nofollow">Click Here<> for a better screencap. The quality is worse, but you can make out more letters. Now we have everything except the “R” and “S”. You know, i checked the tivo for this clip, but the Lars do not appear on the NON-HD version, so i guess that you would have to have HD to catch more stuff. I need to get an HD antenna in my room. that should hold me until IP TV comes out for the 360


  4. That better screen cap totally confirms it, dude. I need to take a better look at this show, sometimes. I mean, I totally watch it in HD widescreen, and I missed it.Porn and cookies? Two great tastes that taste great together. I like that Playpen has an article on the brothels of Singapore.


  5. The DHARMALARs need a section of their podcast called “Porn & Cookies.” No idea what it would be but that name is fantastic.Maybe you could talk about your favorite things during that section?


  6. You know, we do have an explicit tag. I can’t see anything wrong with that plan. And it would help us to have a second show each week. Each week we could feature us eating a different type of cookie. Of course, the pinwheel episode will be the shortest ever because Rolph says no human can eat more than two pinwheels.


  7. happy weekend. Good Luck with the podcast tonight fellows.Anyone checking out 300 this weekend? I think i am heading to the Imax to see it on sunday. I think the imax version will be insane 🙂


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