26 thoughts on “The Lost Score Revisited 1

  1. Thanks guys…it was a bit of a laugh really. I realized after a while I had all these gunshots in a row and I just kind of made it up from there. Just got up. I’m pretty wallopedInfotainment. Horray!!!!🙂


  2. Curse you, iTunes! It showed me last night that I had this episode and the latest TLI, but somehow they didn’t make it onto my iPod? Weak sauce. Congrats, Jimmy, I’ll have to listen to it tomorrow if I can get everything sorted out by then.


  3. i should have put a 😉 cause i totally was farting around as well.I saw this thing on bravo called 20 Scarrier Moments in Cinema or somthing like that. and Jenna Fischer has on so much makeup and her hair was all super done up, she looked horrible, and i LOVE jenna fisher. i think she over compenates for her “plain-ness” on the show. i think she looked great on the Steve Carrell on Steve Carrell interview on the season 2 dvd extras.so, it looks like i have thought of this too much. but check out that bravo show to see what i mean.


  4. Ralph, I fucking love Troma films! Have read a few of Lloyd Kaufman’s books.Was drunk as all shit in the 80’s in a bar in Australia watching Toxic Avenger on a giant projector screen. The hottest blind girl in history 🙂


  5. James Gunn did a couple of Troma Movies. He is totally married to Jenna Fisher and together they starred in the Troma film Lolli Love which Jenna wrote and directed.i am not sure if Slither is a Troma Movie, but i know it at least has the feel of one.


  6. are you guys recording tonight? gotta keep up the streak 🙂 Come on what else would you want to do on a friday night other then podcast.Should be getting some good phone calls this weekend. Its a good holiday 🙂


  7. I cant wait to hear what the Lars think of this episode….I dont know if anyone here watches G4 attack of the show at all, but im really getting sick of Kevin what his name ripping on LOST every chance he gets, I love it when they compare season 3 LOST to season 1 heroes all the time…douche….Jimmy, fantastic of course, keep it up!ryan


  8. minneapolis ryan, kevin can say whatever he wants as long as they put olivia munn on the screen.rolph and boner, looking forward to the ‘larscast this weekend. or maybe… hearing forward to it? :\ something like that.


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