Lost Score Revisited 4

Join Jimmy as he examines the music of “Expose”, before throwing us into a catfight! It’s the naughtiest Lost Score Revisit to date, and it’s all Aaron Spelling’s fault!

Click Here To Listen:
Lost Score Revisited 4


10 thoughts on “Lost Score Revisited 4

  1. Dang it. I forgot to check to see if it was up before I left the house this morning. I have to wait til 4pm central time. I hope you can sense my disappointment in myself, James.


  2. maybe there is something wrong with the way my brain works. i could always drop giacchino an email. i swear that there is a hint of rump shaker in there.


  3. Hey Ralph…remember when you asked me about the Apache song a while ago, I was watching Dodgeball. And they used the song in their trailer, and in a scene in the movie.I’m sure this may not be what you were looking for, but I heard it, and thought of that conversation.


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