1 Year in the Making

Join Ralph, Ben, Jimmy and Ryan on the Dharmalars One Year Anniversary Retrospective. We would like to thank all of you that have supported us over the past year and hope that you comtinue to support us in the years to come.

3,2,1…Zero – Mellow
Solid State – Combustible Edison
The Veldt – Combustible Edison
Soft Landing – Ursula 1000
Theme from the Tiki Wonder Hour – Combustible Edison
(Listen to the) Flower People – Spinal Tap

Click To Watch:
1 Year in the Making


17 thoughts on “1 Year in the Making

  1. downloading it now. twice… not sure why i have two copies of it on my feed but at least i’ll be doubly sure that i get it. anyhow, thanks for your hard work, guys. definitely appreciate it. looking forward to the vidcast.


  2. consider yourself backgrounded, ralph. i’ll keep that up as my desktop for a bit.both copies of the vidcast crap out after about 7 minutes and thirty seconds. time to download it again.


  3. that was a mistake. for some reason the episode posted twice, instead of just once. odd. but that is a good plan jimmy. i may have to try it for the finale, in case we need to get out on top.


  4. well, i’ve now downloaded it three times. so, that’ll help. maybe we should all make new accounts on our machines and log in to subscribe to the Dharmalars over and over again?argh… craps out at at 7:29 again. hopefully, i’m the only cursed with this wretched affliction.i’ll watch it from the link on your blogspot.p.s. was that a madman action figure or statuette on your shelves, ralph?


  5. oh yeah! and a lunchbox, yo yo, playiing cards… i dont know if you can see my mousepad behind me, but that is a Madman Mousepad.i dont know if you knew this, but i am a fan.


  6. ralph, if i’m not (yet) a Madman fan, where I can I start? where can i start that isn’t 80 bucks for the gargantua book? didn’t you cover this in your vidcast with that other guy? shouldn’t i remember this stuff?also, love the vidcast so far. great music.


  7. Palmer,Madman Atomic Comics #1 just got set up for a second printing, according to my friend Ralph. You can apparently get them at your corner comic book store. I read it knowing very little about the whole mythos and it was a really good catch-up. I will definitely read the second one when Ralph gets it.We may need to get you a QA title with your speedy beta-testing of the video.


  8. yeah, Ben, i like the sound of that.“Prepare to be blown away by Ralph and Ben… QUALITY ASSURANCE BY PALMERELDRITCH”It flows so naturally.Hey, who the hell is your announcer guy? Cuz he’s pretty damn good.


  9. Madman Atomic Comics #1 sold out about a week ago. There is a second printing coming out with a fucking badass cover! i am gonna pick that up.you will be fine to start at Atomic Comics. it is a total catch up issue.as for the voice guy. i have no idea who that is. Craig set that up from his radio station and sent me 4 versions. one of them i dont play often as not to offend anyone who is homosexual. but i may play it soon. 🙂


  10. < HREF="http://www.newsarama.com/ImageComics/Madman/MadmanAC_01_2ndPrint_cov.jpg" REL="nofollow">HERE<> is the new Madman Atomic Comics #1 Artwork!! i want this as a poster in my room.


  11. no problem. it is funny how i am doing this shit on my laptop and have to pretty much act as my own I.T. Guy.it is tough when i try to get an episode out to people around the world, and it fucks up… i am sitting in my room with the WAIT of the world on my shoulders.


  12. The show will be known as “The ‘Lars” and it will be similar to the stuff we did during last summer hiatus. It will be full of bullshit that has nothing to do with lost. Our Comic Con episode will be about lost, but that will be all the lost that you get until the show returns.Thems the breaks…but we will be around to fill the long hiatus.


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