The Man Behind The Curtain

☤Ben and Ralph are up to their old tricks. Join them on the trip through the Ben Linus episode, The Man Behind The Curtain. Jimmy gets deeper into the Lost Score and we get some exciting calls from You All Everybody.

Money- Pink Floyd
Brain Damage- Pink Floyd
The Great Gig in the Sky- Pink Floyd
Bon Voyage Traitor- Michael Giacchino
Us and Them- Pink Floyd
The Millionaire’s Holiday- Combustible Edison

The Man Behind The Curtain

16 thoughts on “The Man Behind The Curtain

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  2. Just listened. Good work as usual.Interesting that you guys thought that Richard Alpert might not have been meant to look the same. And that it might just have been a lack of being able to make him look that much younger. But wouldn’t the producers think that it looked too weird if that was the case and just not put him in that scene? PS – You guys need to hire Dre as your laugh track.


  3. Here’s my stab at why you chose Pink Floyd, especially dark Side of the Moon, as the soundtrack to this podcast. I, like many herbivores in the mid-90s, heard that if you watch the Wizard of Oz on mute with Dark Side of the Moon playing on your stereo that they mysteriously match up. It works, needless to say, unintentional or not. So, with all of the Wizard of Oz references in this episode I figured Pink Floyd was a fitting choice.Great show as always.


  4. just for the record. I HATE Ultraviolet. That movie crushed me. I am a HUGE fan of the film Equalibrium, and was really looking forward to Ultraviolet, it sucked so hard that i felt betrayed by Kurt Wimmer.Matt actually hates Ultraviolet more than i do. I heard a rumor that Ben really does enjoy the film, but i cant vouch for that.As for the Dark Side of the Moon, i tend to use songs that relate to the episodes, and this week was an OZ theme!


  5. Hey guys -hadn’t yet said – LOVED the podcast as usual – sweetness podcastified!Also – did you see you guys are STILL what’s hot on iTunes? I imagine they refresh that list fairly frequently – so you are HOLDING YOUR REIGN!I took a < HREF="" REL="nofollow">screencap<>


  6. Jimmy, definitely try it, it’s a lot of fun. I do it every couple of years with friends, and I’m always the narrator. The best part is when the movie goes from B&W to color. At the exact moment that Dorothy opens the door of the B&W shack and sees the Technicolor Oz the song Money begins. Gives me chills every time.


  7. you know that you have done it right when the Chimes kick in as you see Mrs. Gultch riding her bike. I do not remember at what point you start the cd, but you have to put the cd on repeat. i swear that there are still coincidences the second and 3rd time through the cd.


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