Thwip, Snikt & Bamf!

☤”The Lars”: Episode 3 – Ben and Ralph are back with another episode of The Lars! Ralph discusses his Check Card fiasco, we get into some Comic Book talk and check in on the Orange County Flyers. We do movie reviews of Ocean’s 13 and Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer. We have two great movies to stick in your queue as well as a two minute debate about the awesomeness of Superman, who will win? Call us anytime at 206.338.4261!

Golden- Jurassic 5
Forbidden Zone- The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo
007 and Counting- John Barry
Three Days- Jane’s Addiction
Cry me a River- Combustible Edison

Thwip, Snikt & Bamf!

6 thoughts on “Thwip, Snikt & Bamf!

  1. i tried to vote on the 2 min debate, but it said i needed some kind of plugin. when i click the download plugin thing, it said none found. is this some kind of thing you need windows for or something? cuz i use macs. thanks.


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