Caveman Party!

☤”The Lars”: Episode 5 – Happy Independence/Canada Day from the Dharmalars! Join Ralph and Ben as they review 3 films, give a couple of very different dvd suggestions and debate the Sixth Chapter in the Star Wars Saga! Ralph Begs for votes and Ben offers up a television suggestion. PLUS, Big news concerning the LOST Panel at Comic Con 2007.


End Titles (ID4)- David Arnold
American Idiot- Green Day
American Woman- The Guess Who
America- Spinal Tap
American in Bali- Martin Denny
Checkered Flag- Combustible Edison

Click Here to Listen:
Caveman Party!

5 thoughts on “Caveman Party!

  1. i can’t wait to see transformers tonight!!!! The only bummer is i have to work during the day. Awesome episode guys, it was funnier up in the plane 🙂 Should have ordered more T-Shirts, a night with the Lars is like a night with…umm…fanasticalness.


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