Afternoon Delete!

☤”The Lars”: Episode 11 – Ben is Sick and Ralph is dehydrated. The Lars decide to record earlier than normal which leads to a corrupted final 10 min. of podcast that forces the show to end abruptly, but fear not, we get a Film Review and a couple of ALL NEW movies to stick in your queue and ONE FANTASTIC CALL FROM LOYAL LISTENER DRE!!!!
Sehnsucht – Rammstein
Masquerade – Eric Serra
L.A. C.A. – Doug Adams
I’ll Be Doggone – Paul Revere and the Raiders
Impact – Combustible Edison

Click To Listen:
Afternoon Delete!

2 thoughts on “Afternoon Delete!

  1. if there is ever a show that gets cut off early on itunes it is usually fixed within hours of the original post. this just happened to be a short show for us this week.the shows usually last longer, but for some reason 10 minutes got cut off the end, so i had to edit out the middle chunk and move the sign off sooner.


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