Ghosty Things Are Gonna Happen…

☤”The Lars”: Episode 14 – After countless audio problems, the Halloween Show comes back from the grave. On this SPOOKY edition of the Lars, Ben and Ralph discuss their top 10 favorite Movie Monsters of all time. We get a couple of SPOOKY movies to stick in your queue and discuss other SPOOKY things.

‘s Top 5 Movie Monsters

Ed Wood (main titles) – Howard Shore
Dark Night – The Blasters
Just Another Day – Oingo Boingo
Rape of the Vines – Joseph LoDuca
Can, Can, Can – Jerry Shard & His Music
Halloween Spooks – Lambert, Hendrix & Ross

Click To Listen:
Ghostly Things Are Gonna Happen

2 thoughts on “Ghosty Things Are Gonna Happen…

  1. You guys were asking in the podcast what was happening last year during Halloween time that you were excited about and thus forgot to do anything Halloweenish for the cast? Well, we were all awaiting the Fall finale of LOST, thinking the two month break would be interminable. Oh, how Naive we were…


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