Autism Speaks Telethon

On March 15/16th 2008 The Lost Podcast’s Jay and Jack conducted a live 25 Hour long Telethon/Marathon Podcast to raise money for children with autism. From 2:30am to 7:00am Ralph Apel (the Dharmalars) joined Jay and Jack to discuss their Top 40 favorite movies of all time. Ralph adds an additional 30 to his list and even talks a little Lost with Jack. Check out this four and a half hour recording and remember that it is not too late to contribute to the cause CLICK HERE!

Click To Listen:
Autism Speaks Telethon

One thought on “Autism Speaks Telethon

  1. Awesome you guys helping out with the Austism telethon!I tried making a list of my favorite movies, and I see what you mean now. I had to axe a couple favorites of mine to get to a top 75 list.I posted my favs on my blog.


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