Cabin Fever

☤Join the “Mallomars” as they discuss The Locke-Centric Episode CABIN FEVER. We get some fantastic calls in on the Dharmaline as well as some awesome vocal stylings from Richard of Toronto! Did me mention Karaoke?

One Step Beyond – Madness
Supermassive Black Hole – Muse
Dogma – Some Dude
Where do these Tubes Go – Steve Jablonsky
Space Oddity – Richard of T-Dot!

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Cabin Fever

Something Nice Back Home

☤Join “The Frat Boyz” as they talk about “Something Nice Back Home”. We get some super kick-ass calls on the Dharmaline and give you a tidbit on the new shirts! Thanks to Chris for the Opening!!!

Did we mention karaoke?

Robin Boy Wonder – Fifty Foot Combo
I Love You – Climax Blues Band
Every Woman in the World – Air Supply
Roar! – Michael Giacchino
Losing My Religion- “Jelly Man”

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Something Nice Back Home

The Shape of Things to Come

☤The Dharmalars are back!! Join Ben and Ralph on their 2nd Anniversary Extravaganza!!! We get into LOST episode 4×9 The Shape of Things to Come (that’s what she said). We get some great listener feedback (including a speechless Dre!?) and a very very special surprise at the end.

Did we mention Karaoke?!

Beat Girl – John Barry
Big Bang Baby – Stone Temple Pilots
Broken Train – Beck
Trapped in a Box – No Doubt
Time Tunnel – John Williams
Jump Off – John Powell
Afternoon Delight – ?

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The Shape of Things to Come

Puss De La Ocho!

☤”The Lars” Episode 18 – Ben and Ralph power through the Hiatus…sigh…but have some movies for you to stick in your queue and we get a great Leatherheads review from Producer Ryan! We get some good calls on the Lars Line!

Did we mention Karaoke?!

Ardy Mixer – Incredibad
I Think I Might Have Killed The President – Incredibad
Stork Patrol- Incredibad
Saturday Night – Incredibad
Incense and Peppermints – Martin Denny
Life on Mars – KY John
The Heist – Incredibad

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Puss De La Ocho!

Chicken or Pussy?

☤”The Lars” Episode 17 – The Lars return with a “Free Form” show for all of you. Ralph and Ben discuss Jesus Sketches, I-Man, Eating Poop, Prop Knives, Animated Wieners and that Pussy Mel Gibson. We get a couple of great calls as well as a LOST related song from Emily in Ohio!!
Did we mention Karaoke?!

Literal Playlist:

My Life – William Joel
Jesus of Suburbia – Greenday
Hot Toddy – Julie London
Boy Blue – E.L.O.
52 Girls – The B-52’s
Heavy Duty – Spinal Tap
Shaft In Africa – Johnny Pate
Boarding up the House – James Newton Howard
Visions – James Newton Howard
The Hollow Man – Jerry Goldsmith
Kiss on my List – Hall and Oates
TANK! – Luke Vibert
Martinique – Martin Denny
Downtown – Ohio Emily

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Chicken or Pussy?

Meet Kevin Johnson

☤Well, this is it for awhile. The Dharmalars take a week off and return in top form for the last LOST episode reaction for a month. Check out the Dharmaline and the Karaoke from Dre. Will Ben have to do his own Karaoke? Will Ralph eat 100 Deviled Eggs? Only time will tell!!
Did we mention Irony?

Channel Z – The B-52’s
Television Rules the Nation – Daft Punk
The Millionaire’s Holiday – Combustible Edison
Kaboom – Ursula 1000
One of These Nights – Dre From L.A.

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Meet Kevin Johnson

Autism Speaks Telethon

On March 15/16th 2008 The Lost Podcast’s Jay and Jack conducted a live 25 Hour long Telethon/Marathon Podcast to raise money for children with autism. From 2:30am to 7:00am Ralph Apel (the Dharmalars) joined Jay and Jack to discuss their Top 40 favorite movies of all time. Ralph adds an additional 30 to his list and even talks a little Lost with Jack. Check out this four and a half hour recording and remember that it is not too late to contribute to the cause CLICK HERE!

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Autism Speaks Telethon

Ji Yeon

☤Ralph and Ben are back for the 7th episode of the 4th season of Lost. The Jin Flashback/Sun Post-Island storylines! Even though Jimmy is MIA, we get some great calls on the Dharmaline. Be sure to check out Ralph, Jay and Jack for the 25hour LIVE PODCAST EVENT! Head over to Dharmalars.Net for more info!
Did we mention Karaoke?

Couldn’t Have Come At A Better Time – The Fenians
If I Ever Leave This World Alive – Flogging Molly
I’m Shipping up to Boston – Dropkick Murphys
Cat O’ Nine Tails – Combustible Edison
I Can’t Go For That – Dre Outta LA

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Ji Yeon

The Other Woman

☤They say that The Third Time’s A Charm. Too bad this is our second try at presenting you with our take on The Other Woman. Jimmy is back and in good form. We get some entertaining calls in the Dharmaline…

Did we mention Karaoke?!

Reptilia – The Strokes
Morning Dance – Ralph Apel
In Bloom – Nirvana
Roam – The B-52’s
Butter the Soul – Cornershop
Desperado – Tim The Jellyman!

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The Other Woman

The Constant

☤The Dharmalars are a little speechless this week. They try to discuss The Constant, but are too stunned by the episode to come up with any brain busting theories. Jimmy is out this week so Ralph decides to give his own interpretation of the Lost Score and The Dharmaline gets flooded with awesomeness!!!

Did we mention Karaoke?!

Believe it or Not – Joey Scarbury
Flubber (end credits) – Danny Elfman
Morning Dance – Spyro Gyra
Cominagetcha – Propellerheads
Bohemian Rhapsody – “Tone Deaf” Steve

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☤The Dharmalars have officially given up on Math!!We take a look at Eggtown, Tattoos and Conan O’Brien’s shout out to Ralph! We shun spoilers, Jimmy gets a poor substitute and we receive the most calls on the Dharmaline, to date!

Did we mention Karaoke?!

Xanadu Soundtrack – ELO/ONJ
Kate’s Motel – Michael Giacchino
My Lovely Valentine – Thomas Edgar

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Lost Score Season 4: Mid Week Show Episode 3

Connections between Michael Giacchino and John Barry are drawn from this look at the episode the Economist. A portion of an early Dharmalars episode “Further Instructions” is replayed as well. New material for 9 out of 10 listeners 🙂

A New Trade – Lost Season 2 Michael Giacchino
Crocodile Locke – Lost Season 1 Michael Giacchino
Bond in Japan – John Barry
You only Live Twice – John Barry
Bond Theme – John Barry
Dark-Eyed Sister – Harold Budd / Brian Eno

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The Lost Score Mid Week Show Season 4: “Ep 3”

The Economist

Are you into Math? if the answer is YES, then you are in for a treat! If the answer is NO, then you can take advantage of the chapter selection function on this episode and skip the boring calculations of the Time Space Continuum, that was explored in The Economist! We get another great segment from Jimmy and a TON of calls on the Dharmaline. Did we mention Karaoke?!

We Have all the Time in the World – Louis Armstrong
Who wants to Live Forever – Queen
Ride Like the Wind – Christopher Cross/Michael McDonald
You Want it Back – Propellerheads
No Hard Feelings – Bloodhound Gang
Sentimental Journey – Esquivel
Africa – “Ghostwatch” Chris!

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The Economist

The Lost Score Mid Week Show: Episode 2

So after a good hard look at “Confirmed Dead”, Jimmy explains how 3 notes can invoke memories or sensations of another character even when off screen. We also throw about a theory, a gripe, and a public service announcement regarding nutrition 🙂

Everyones Forgiven Except Charlie – Lost Season 2 Michael Giacchino
Life and Death – Lost Season 1 Michael Giacchino

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The Lost Score Mid Week Show Season 4: “Ep 2”

Confirmed Dead

☤Ben and Ralph are back in full force. It’s probably Lost podcasting at it’s finest, maybe. Join them as they discuss the multi flashback episode “Confirmed Dead”!! Jimmy gives examples of a common musical technique used to convey tension and we get some Fantastic calls from some of our most loyal fans. Did we mention Fan Karaoke?
What Happened to You- The Offspring
The Miracle – Queen
Fill the Void – Oingo Boingo
Final Countdown – Michael Giacchino
Then She Did – Jane’s Addiction
Theme to the Tiki Wonder Hour – Combustible Edison
Joanna – Dre “Callin’ out of La”

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Confirmed Dead

The Lost Score Mid Week Show: Season 4 Ep 1

After examining “The Beginning of the End”, Jimmy points out an old theme and how it has progressed over four seasons. Join him, and kick back as we relax to some Hurley centric themes as we immerse ourselves into parts of the Season 4 premier.

Hurley’s Handouts – Lost Season 2 Michael Giacchino
Mess It All Up – Lost Season 2 Michael Giacchino

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The Lost Score Mid Week Show Season 4: “Ep 1”

The Beginning of the End

☤The Good News: LOST is back in full swing! Seattle Jimmy is Back! We have some awesome listener calls and a super sweet playlist provided by Jorge Garcia!!!
The Bad News: Ben and Ralph are super duper rusty when it comes to discussing LOST. It has been a long draining hiatus, but the Dharmalars are BACK!!!
Jorge’s Playlist:
Down for Whatever – Vue
One Crowded Hour – Augie March
Cheek to Cheek – Lowell George
Dreaming of You – The Coral
Chinese Translation – M. Ward

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Beginning of the End

Karaoke of Solace

☤”The Lars” Episode 16 – After a billion long months and something like 26 podcasts, Ben and Ralph have finally reached the end of the Hiatus!!! Join them as they spoil Cloverfield, recommend a couple of Odd Ball Films and get some great audience participation from the listeners and “Ghostwatch”. Did we mention the Karaoke?
End Titles (ID4) – David Arnold
Groove Line – Heatwave*
Rock with You – Michael Jackson*
Give Me the Night – George Benson*
Sweet Freedom – Michael McDonald*
Boogie Nights – Heatwave*
Mudhead – Combustible Edison
Reminiscing – Ralph A.

*written by Rod Temperton

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Karaoke of Solace

Crush Hard

☤”The Lars” Episode 15 – Ben and Ralph are Back in ’08!!! The Lars return with 4 movie reviews. Two very different films to stick in your queue and talk about some American Gladiators! We also have some great holiday cheer spread via the Lars Line.
Listeners Ready! Podcasters Ready….!

Much too Late for Goodbyes – Julian Lennon
Chick Habit – April March
Peg – Steely Dan
Stephanie Says – The Velvet Underground
Space Laser Battle – John Barry
Powerball – Dan Milner

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Crush Hard

LOST Season 3: Blu-Ray!!

☤The Dharmalars are back with a review of the all new LOST: Season 3 Blu-Ray Dvd. Let Ralph and Ben be your guides on this fantastic box set that is being released this week!! Ralph figures out WHO PLAYS JACOB?! We also have an all new set of calls from our loyal listeners on the Dharmaline!
See You All in 2008!!!
Join the DharmalArmy!

Robot Rock – Daft Punk
Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones – The Hives
Juicebox – The Strokes
Beercan – Beck
Evil Ways – Al De Lory

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LOST Season 3: Blu-Ray

Carl Weathers’ Stage Fighting Workshop

☤”CWSFWS”: Episode 1 – On this week’s episode of the “Workshop” Ben and Ralph discuss their favorite moments, quotes and characters from Arrested Development! We play the longest, funnest and explicitest game show of all time, “Who’s That Bluth”, with contestants Jay G. and Colleen McC! Join the fun as we take you through an exciting journey through The OC (don’t call it that!) and the Bluth Company!!!

Arrested Development Score – David Schwartz
My Mother The Car – Paul Hampton
The Final Countdown- Europe

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Carl Weathers’ Stage Fighting Workshop

Lars Listener Special 2

☤Ben and Ralph getting set for a big show next week. Before they do that, they want to make sure that You All Everybody get their voices heard. Sit back and enjoy this special edition of the Lars, starring you, The Listeners! Have a great week.

Dear Honey – Dusty Rhodes and the River Band
First You Live – Dusty Rhodes and the River Band
Ghost Trails – Dusty Rhodes and the River Band
Oh, Icicle – Dusty Rhodes and the River Band
Goodnight Moonshine – Dusty Rhodes and the River Band

click here to listen:
The Lars Line Special 2!

Ghosty Things Are Gonna Happen…

☤”The Lars”: Episode 14 – After countless audio problems, the Halloween Show comes back from the grave. On this SPOOKY edition of the Lars, Ben and Ralph discuss their top 10 favorite Movie Monsters of all time. We get a couple of SPOOKY movies to stick in your queue and discuss other SPOOKY things.

‘s Top 5 Movie Monsters

Ed Wood (main titles) – Howard Shore
Dark Night – The Blasters
Just Another Day – Oingo Boingo
Rape of the Vines – Joseph LoDuca
Can, Can, Can – Jerry Shard & His Music
Halloween Spooks – Lambert, Hendrix & Ross

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Ghostly Things Are Gonna Happen