Catch 22

☤On a very laid back episode of the Dharmalars, Ralph and Ben discuss the latest Desmond episode the way that they used to talk about Lost, before the podcast. They do the entire show without the aid of taking down notes or watching the episode a second time. Jimmy discusses Desmonds Theme in the Lost Score segment and we get some really great listener theories on the You All Everybody segment.

Hide And Seek – Imogen Heap
A New Life – Jerry Goldsmith

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Catch 22

16 thoughts on “Catch 22

  1. Well, at least I can be first here. Ben, as I just said over at that other place you never visit, I agree with you about <>The Big Lebowski<>. I thought surely I had a misunderstanding of <>420<>. But no, it means what I thought it meant.


  2. Listening again – favorite Ralph quote: (RE: Superman) “HE’s NOT GOING TO PLAY DIRTY!!”Sweet that you continued the debate – because I seriously wanted Charlie and Hurley to keep going with it (f-ing throat piercing booby traps!).


  3. Steph… I think someone mentionned it on the SASblog, but I believe it was a reference to an SNL digital short. It was a skit about people getting shot and then landing on the floor with a slow-motion zoom into their eye–with that song playing in the backgound. It was funny, because it just got so way out of hand!!!


  4. Oh, thanks Kimberley. I don’t watch SNL much anymore since I have to get up way before the butt-crack of dawn on Sundays. I could DVR it. Why am I just now thinking about that?


  5. Kim is right. it is from a SNL Digital Short called “Dear Sister”. i had music planned out for this week, but during our post record dinner, Me Stevi Jeff and Jeff’s girlfriend were talking about the SNL skit and thought that it would be funny to play the song during the podcast. Jeff came up with the idea of playing it at the begining of each segment. i laughed for about 5 minutes about it, so i had to do it. i assure you that the music will be back to normal this week.


  6. That digital short was very funny to me, too, so the music was welcome when I listened to the show last night.Steph, thanks for backing me up. I mean, we wouldn’t think of it as a Vodka movie, just because The Dude loves white Russians, would we?


  7. I figured out what you meant, but for a few seconds I was debating whether you meant a spirit, or a CIA agent.Malcolm, did you recently return Joysticks to Netflix? Because if you did…


  8. Having watched the SNL version first, the original OC version, which was meant to be ultra dramatic, seemed hilarious and as if it was purposfully funny. lol. Good stuff. Thanks guys, now that song is stuck in my head.


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