☤The Dharmalars have officially given up on Math!!We take a look at Eggtown, Tattoos and Conan O’Brien’s shout out to Ralph! We shun spoilers, Jimmy gets a poor substitute and we receive the most calls on the Dharmaline, to date!

Did we mention Karaoke?!

Xanadu Soundtrack – ELO/ONJ
Kate’s Motel – Michael Giacchino
My Lovely Valentine – Thomas Edgar

Click Below To Download:

2 thoughts on “Eggtown

  1. WHY was the wreckage found? You guys stated in your show (which is always great) that whoever is instructing the O-6 to lie must also be responsible for placing the wreckage. My question, and maybe you’ve already answered this, but WHY was wreckage found at all?? I won’t put the various hypos as to why…but there are many.


  2. Heres a link to that tesseract thingy i was talking about. < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Strange Days.. on YouTube<>Start around 7:30 or so for the explanation part


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