The Other Woman

☤They say that The Third Time’s A Charm. Too bad this is our second try at presenting you with our take on The Other Woman. Jimmy is back and in good form. We get some entertaining calls in the Dharmaline…

Did we mention Karaoke?!

Reptilia – The Strokes
Morning Dance – Ralph Apel
In Bloom – Nirvana
Roam – The B-52’s
Butter the Soul – Cornershop
Desperado – Tim The Jellyman!

Click Below To Download:
The Other Woman

4 thoughts on “The Other Woman

  1. Ben = Pee Wee Herman… oh my God that killed me hahahaha“Tempestt Bledsoe” – nice.Hilarious as always, guys.One thing I was going to call you guys about ages ago but forgot was when you were mentioning about Ben’s dad being Uncle Rico (John Gries). You may already know, but he actually was Laslo from Real Genius. If I recall, you had mentioned at one point on your show that you thought it looked like him, but you either couldn’t remember Laslo’s name, or you didn’t think it was him. It was indeed.And continuing on this tangent, there were solid rumors (whatever that means) that there was going to be a Real Genius sequel, and Val Kilmer has signed up for it, should it happen. Intriguing, but who knows how it would turn out. Here’s the link if you’re interested. < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Link<>


  2. Any chance of getting Jimmy’s (& Ben’s) Lost Score separately? Misunderstand me correctly, I like the Dharmalars, but the musical clips are something I check back on quite often, so I’d be happy if <>that<> feed was also available too.Anyways: Keep it up!m


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