Comic Con Survival Guide ’08

☤It’s that time of year again and the Dharmalars are here to share their past experiences at the San Diego Comic Convention and help you to prepare for your fun filled weekend! What is Hall H? What should I do about food? Should I bring a sweater? Where can I meet some of my favorite LOST Podcasters? All these questions and many more will be answered in six easy to follow chapters. Join Ben and Ralph as they guide you through the jam packed San Diego Comic Con 2008!!

1) Intro: Ralph and Ben introduce you to the wonderful world of Comic Con International 2008
2) LOST/OCTAGON RECRUITING: Find out the ins and outs for the big day in Hall H as well as interviewing for your job with the Dharma Initiative!!
3) The Essentials: This is your guide to what you should have on you at all times. For all of your Dharma Initiative field work.
4) The Exhibit Hall: Filled with more mysteries than the Island!
5) Panels: What famous people are going to be making appearances at the convention.
6) Contact Info/How to approach Ben: This will show you how to get in contact with the Dharmalars!

We will see you in San Diego with buttons to hand out!

Selections from “Battlestar Galactica” – Stu Phillips

Click to listen:
Comic Con Survival Guide ’08

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