The Brig

☤Well, Well, Well guess who the real Sawyer is….OR IS HE? Join Ben and Ralph as they discuss this very special Locke-Centric, on island flashback. Ralph makes a pretty bold statement as far as his opinion of the episode, while Ben blows his mind with some earth shattering theorising. Jimmy delves deeper into Locke’s theme and we get some fantastic calls on the Dharmaline.

Tropicalia – Beck
Heaven is One Step Away – Eric Clapton
Don’t Get Lost in Heaven – The Gorillaz
Locked Out Again – Michael Giacchino
Here’s That Rainy Day (Koop Remix) – Astrud Gilberto & Koop
Pennies From Heaven – Louis Prima
Carnival of Souls – Combustible Edison

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The Brig

7 thoughts on “The Brig

  1. Hey Ralph, No worries on last week’s stuff. We’re all grateful for any content. Sorry it was a pain, but you did a great job. We appreciate and love you guys and your work.Maybe you should send long emails to Aimee to summarize for you and help you reply. 🙂Holli


  2. Dang! I am always impressed by the music you two use…Urban Dance Squad a while ago and now “Heaven is One Step Away” from the Back to the Future soundtrack! 😀 Rock on! Keep it up!


  3. Holli, the podcast is the most fun i have had in a long time. i think that i may have put too much on my plate, and i am the type of guy who likes to finish his plate.I think that it was unfortunate that all of this anniversary stuff dropped by at the same time as all this personal “work” stuff started up agai.Love the podcast, and it sounds cheesey, but you can ask stevi, but when it comes to friday nights, the podcast is my #1 priority. cause i know how much fun that you all have listening to the show every week and i like that we can do it the same time everyweek. its almost like going to the same bar every week with your buddysat the same time.Thanks for the music compliments. I do not listen to a lot of popular music. i listen to film scores. So if i dont want to use the same group week after week, i tend to head over to my soundtrack library. BTTF Soundtrack was the first CD that i have ever bought! and i still own it. i am surprised that that song was not all skippy and junk.have a great weekend everyone,.


  4. I’ll say this over here too. I finally got to watch 1 Year in the Making because I got out of the dark ages. Very touching, guys. Ben, were you doing your best Michael Scott or Jim Halpert impression?


  5. At the end I was doing my best hippie impression, as I thought that Listen to the Flower People would be playing. During the middle I was riffing off of Bottle Rocket. I have no original thought, I’m a collage!


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