Season 3 Finale Predictions

☤Join Ben and Ralph, with special guest Jorge Garcia, as they talk about what they each think will happen in the upcoming Season 3 finale of Lost. Ben and Ralph do a “quick” interview with Jorge, talk about some of the behind the scenes workings of the show and get into some talk about the Food Network Programing. We also get into some cryptic discussions concearning “The Rattlesnake”! What is “The Rattlesnake”? we will have to wait until Wednesday to find out!

I’ve Got A Plane to Catch- Michael Giacchino

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Finale Predictions 2007

18 thoughts on “Season 3 Finale Predictions

  1. ralph, good luck on getting the Giacchino interview for Jimmy but it wouldn’t sit right with me unless you got to talk to Giacchino too. it sounds like you’re a HUGE fan.again, congrats on the Jorge interview. great stuff. see the SAS blogspot for further feelings on the subject. 🙂


  2. i found ralphs infamous episode name post in par avion discussion. here it is, ben, and all others who want to see it.I think that Christain went back to Austrailia in his drunken two for the road trip, because he fucked up with his first family. Jack turned his back on him, he felt abandoned so he went to austrailia start off with a clean slate aka tabula rasa. looks like every cowboy has daddy issues and so does claire. i still dont know why everybody hates hugo.


  3. i made a story using a ton of episode titles. this one is waaaay over the top, and makes no sense. it uses almost all of them.locke tried to go on a walkabout, when he was left behind, and got lost on an island. he woke up three minutes after the crash, and was able to walk. he then went with the hunting party to catch a special white rabbit. on the way there, they discovered the house of the rising sun. there, boone confessed his sexual orientation, and the marshal said what kate did, and that she was born to run. sawyer, the confidence man shot edward for the greater good. the man behind the curtain sent them a message, par avion, saying “S.O.S.” jack, being a stranger in a strange land, was given further instructions from the pilot to enter 77. with an every man for himself mindset, rather than the idea of live together, die alone, locke went solitary to the brig, but on his way, sawyer met up with him and killed the man from tallahassee. before he died, he told locke the DOC of one of us, who is really one of them because he was raised by another. on the way back to the beach camp, locke told sawyer a tale of two cities, they took two for the road, and they had their homecoming. when they got back, they found out that everybody hates hugo because he was talking to dave. charlie and naomi were too busy listening to the driveshaft greatest hits cd to notice the fire and water. as a result, sun broke the glass ballerina. rather than telling the whole truth, she hid the pieces in the lost and found. luckily, jin knew about it, but nobody understood because it was all lost in translation. jack, a man of science, not a man of faith, was too busy looking through the looking glass to pay the cost of living. juliet asked to marry him, jack said i do, and then they began the that was just ridiculous.


  4. I know, how crazy is that? It looks like I have a blue L.E.D. in that thing. I’m pretty rave-tastic.Malcolm, that is an excellent use of episode titles to tell a story. Gold star, dude!


  5. malcolm, that’s impressive.ben, congrats on the whole Jorge thing. i was just looking at the picture of the three of you and thinking how starstruck i would have been in your situation. good interviewing and whatnot. and congrats on the visit from Jorge./dude… Jorge’s the only word i bothered to capitalize. the man deserves respect.


  6. I just listened to Ralph’s drama from greatest hits. Fucken A man i went through all that shit. (not a pun) It ended up being gallstones but they only figured it out when i was screaming in pain on the floor of the E.R.Part of the problem was my body is intolerant of Dairy. If i see dairy my body makes it drink from a different water fountain.I wish you the best of luck Ralph.


  7. Very funny, Mike. LOL! I know you guys didn’t have much time to consider questions, but I would love to hear about Jorge’s plans for the summer. And how the actors plan other projects.


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