Through The Looking Glass

☤Prepare to be blown away for this Finale Episode of the Dharmalars! Join Ben, Ralph and Jimmy for their take on Through the Looking Glass. There is so much to discuss about the future of Lost. Have a GREAT summer! Be sure to stay tuned to “The Lars” during the long Summer/Winter Hiatus!!

There’s No Home For You- The White Stripes
Psycho Boy Jack- The Dust Brothers
Jack’s Smirking Revenge- The Dust Brothers
Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun- The Beastie Boys
Future Shock- Tommy Tallarico

Through The Looking Glass

24 thoughts on “Through The Looking Glass

  1. my prediction for the series:it will lay off the mysteries established in the first 3 seasons, and work on what happened between the finale, and the flashback within the next season episodes through flashbacks. the current event stuff will be jack trying to gather all the losties to go back to the island. then the end of the season, they will get back to the island. season 5 and 6 will go back to the hostiles and jacob, rather than bens group of others. season 6 will be the wrap up season. i feel like we’ll have a better idea of what it will be when we get into season 4.


  2. it worked for my by 3:00 am geeze, was it really being downloaded so much that i couldnt get to it?thats insanegreat show guys, it was very energetic i thought, one of my favorite shows of the dharmalars seasonloved the morning radio intro and hope the name of your non-lost podcast is really called doodoocaca


  3. I am getting this message from FireFox and Safari“Too many redirects occurred trying to open “”. This might occur if you open a page that is redirected to open another page which then is redirected to open the original page.


  4. i dont know what to say. a lot of people have downloaded it, and a lot have not. i assure you that if you give it another go at it, it should download.


  5. I literally just figured out a rough format for our show and sent it to ben. i think it will be a pretty solid format. We will most likely record tonight!


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