Sleeple vs. Barfk

☤”The Lars”: Episode 6 – Ben and Ralph are at it again! Ben reviews an import all the way from New Zealand (just like lord of the rings). A redneck romp and space western get recommended for your queue and we have some really great listener calls!

Who do you want to be- Oingo Boingo
Where the Eages have Been- Wolfmother
Run Fay Run- Isaac Hayes
Too Drunk to F**k- Novelle Vague
Semyon’s Song- Yuri Poteyenko

click here to listen:
Sleeple vs. Barfk

One thought on “Sleeple vs. Barfk

  1. First Woohoo. Although i did get called out on the podcast. There must be something wrong with me because i didn’t enjoy American Summer but one of my top five movies is The Big Lewbowski. There was a time in my life where i modeled myself after the dude 🙂 I am sure most 17-19 year olds try to be the dude once in awhile. Sadly i did like my parents did an got a job.


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